Judith Stryczek grew up in Hamburg during the glamorous 80s –  very early the fresh breezes were blowing around her ears – she swishes through the decade of the “Mullet” and the Rubik’s Cube. The world is big and the atmosphere is stirred up, the “punk” lurks in every townhouse garden. With open eyes and great curiosity, she feels the sweet alertness of imagination in all her observations and a need to give all those impressions and experiences a personal and tangible form.
As a costume designer she loves to play with ideas and experiment with shapes, colors and materials. Through associations, images and research she has found her own personal approach to history, stories and characters and displays in her costumes an essence of an idea-mill and studio-wingding. Through all of this she always sees herself as part of a team and that only life creates the truly magnificent stories and therefore the community and the interchange with people is a substantial stimulus for her creative work.

(Foto: Franziska Holz; Text: Hannah Schwarz; all translations: Lamme Janssen)

2011 Diploma in Costumedesign at University of Applied Science, Hamburg, Germany
2006/07 exchangestudent at Gerit Rietveld Academy, Departmend Theaterdesign, Amsterdam, Neatherlands.

Film Productions:
Element E, A Most Wanted Man production, Zentropa, Bavaria Produktions Gmbh, Schramm Film, Mookwe, Barefoot Films, Blm, Markenfilm, E+P Commercial, Czar Film, Plexus Produktion, Paul`s Boutique, Bluefilm Production, Cobblestone, Filmdeluxe, FoxDevil Films, Kanu Film, NOYZ R UZ Films.

Directors & Photgraphers:
Georg von Mitzlaff, Isabel Prahl, Felipe Ascacibar, Filip Piskorzynski, Dennis Stöcker & UWE, Peter Dietrich, Franziska Holz, Roman Schaible, Jojo Zunke, David Aufdembrinke, Igor Plischke, Linus Ewers, Tim Stoffel, Bernd Faass, Sonja Heiss, André Maat, Til Obladen, Verena Soltiz, Veronika Engelmann.

Sparkasse, Vodafone, Union Investment, Tom Tailor, Innogy, Kabel Deutschland, Sierra Tequila, Amnesty International, Allianz, Parship, Bundesministerium für Umwelt, ZDF, Storck, Otto, Nürnberger Versicherung, Fanta.